1. The City Food & Drink Lecture  (CFDL) will only engage with Keynote Speakers and/or panellists from organisations that can show a high degree of commitment towards the issue of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  2. We ask for the same to be shown by our sponsors and all of our suppliers  who support the event.
  3. We offer a meat and dairy free option to the food that is served at the event. Menu proposals should be scrutinized to consider seasonality and sustainability in relation to food choices.
  4. We look to promote healthy eating and drinking by considering dietary balance and portion size.
  5. We include a note on menu cards showing food/wine origins and sustainability.
  6. Food that is not consumed on the evening is re distributed safely to our partners, such as The Clink and the City Food Harvest. This involves re-purpose surplus food for human consumption and what cannot be re-purposed is recycled for non-food use.
  7. Any printed materials we produce are on paper sourced from sustainable  forests  and all CFDL programmes that are not used on the evening are subsequently re cycled.
  8. We hold various committee meetings of the 8 livery companies during the year in the build up to the CFDL.  Wherever possible, we hold these online and when travel is absolutely necessary, we strongly encourage those involved to use public transport.
  9. We offer the option to listen to the for those guests and invitees who are unable to travel to London from outside the UK and/or where travel from within the UK would require long journeys by air or by car.
  10. This policy statement will be reviewed on an annual basis and updated, as required.

    October 2021 (Revised September 2022)
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